Why choose an extender over pills pumps and surgery

Penis extender – Good

When a high quality penis extender is used regularly for period of time results are guaranteed. It’s completely safe, is no risk to your health and is the latest advancement in natural male enhancement.

Penis pumps – bad

A penis pump only provides temporary enlargement which can last up to half an hour. If the vaccum applies too much pressure on the penis capillaries and blood vessel will break causing painful bruising and possible long term damage.

Weight hanging – bad

Weight hanging is a very old method that was first used by tribes thousands of years ago. It is still practiced by some remote tribes and has even made it to the Western world.

The main risk with weight hanging for male enhancement is the danger of tearing a ligament above the penis or tearing nerves in the penis. If either of these things happen, complete recovery may not be possible.

Penis pills – average

There is lot of conflicting results and advice about penis pills about. From the research we’ve done we found that a few select pills do work when combined with a penis extender or exercises.

Most pills on the market do absolutely nothing and are a waste of money.

Surgery – Good (high risk & expensive)

Male enhancement surgery is the most effective way to enlarge your penis. Surgeons wouldn’t be able to charge thousands of dollars if it didn’t work. However, it does come with high risks and is very expensive.

The risks associated with male enhancement surgery include: infection, bleeding and bruising, temporary loss in sensation and erectile dysfunction and many patients develop a keloid scar where the main incision was made.

Then theres the main reason why men are put off by surgery – the cost. A typical male enhancement surgery will cost $4000 – $10,000. It’s a lot of money when you compare it to the cost of an effective penis extender.


When you look at the other options available a penis extender always comes out on top – its effective, very low risk, easy to use, cheap when compared to other proven methods like surgery. If you’re serious about male enhancement then a penis extender is the only way to go.