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"She's Gone Country with The CB Cowgirls" is a Radio Talk Show on FoRe! Radio Monday's at 6pm PST. Our Goal is Empowering Cowboys and Cowgirls who love God and Country. While inspiring those who do not. In hopes of keeping the Heart of the American Cowboy Alive!

Today’s generation is one that is fast paced, technologically advanced, and saturated with ways of living our life in a microwavable and “fast food” style. This generation wants everything now and wants it served on a silver platter at the snap of the fingers.

The question our show poses, Is this lifestyle realistic to sustain? I believe the answer is no.
I believe that due to this attitude being the majority that we have a generation losing touch with the history, faith, and culture that has made all these things possible. We believe the Heart and Spirit of the American Cowboy is at its core the essence of nobility, humility, faith, and a respect for animals, land, and people. We need to find that again by “Going Country, Back to Our Roots” and bring this legacy to the mind of the current generation.

She’s Gone Country with the “CB Cowgirls” is derived of a group of women (and men as well) that believe we must connect the past to the current and future generations. A bridge must be built to fill the gap and hold on to what was good, right, and pure. There is wisdom in years and the ages that are slipping away, as one generation dies off and another is born. We are here to capture those stories and passions as well as the lessons on radio. We want them to inspire and educate those who have lost touch or have not experienced the education written in each of our forefathers/mothers past. We all relate to one another in unspeakable ways, through joy, pain, friendships.

We have walked many paths but inevitably it’s “Our Roots” that ground us. We personally, have not waivered, and have not given up and stayed humble when we succeed. We always are willing to look up and then beyond. A story or a picture is a reflection of what that history, and past has meant to us and those we interview. Our show captures the essence of our heritage of the Christensen Family and many others. We are united by the ups, downs, and in-betweens of this journey called “Life” and we hope you see the heart captured through the eyes of two generations of cowgirls. It is a weathered look of defeat and of triumph.

It is because of our “Roots” that we are grounded by our “Faith” and by our “Heritage” that my Great Grandmother, Grandfather, and Great Uncle blazed before us. It is a deep appreciation of what God has done and is still doing. “Everyone has one great novel inside them they need to get out, it is the novel of their life to share with this world” ~ Donnalyn Quintana, Founder, Western Wishes It is our hope that our radio broadcast brings a glimpse of our guest’s novel to our listeners and keeps them coming back for more!

Keeping it Country

~ Becky & Vicki