Understanding Male Orgasm

There are several definitions for the term male orgasm. Perhaps the most popular among them all is the definition given by Alfred Kinsey the found of Kinsey Institute which promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the field of human sexuality and related aspects of gender and reproduction. He defines the male orgasm as an “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension”. Others have defined it as the “period when ejaculation takes place”.


For males, erection plays a key role in achieving orgasm as it makes possible the sexual acts, be it masturbation or intercourse which are key activities to experiencing orgasm. Erection is caused by the stimulation of the penis either physically (touching) or visually (imagination or watching erotic shows).  This stimulation starts the process whereby the blood is directed to the sponge like tissues encompassing the penis casing it to engorge.


Common misconception is that ejaculation must occur before male orgasm can take place. However this is not true. Adolescent boys have reportedly experienced orgasm without ejaculation. In fact there are several other cases where men can experience male orgasm without ejaculation. For example, men incapable of ejaculation have experienced orgasms as well; men may experience more than one orgasm after ejaculation.

The science behind the actual orgasm is quite complex. Basically, in a nut shell, what happens is that during the sex act the male pelvic thrusts become more involuntary and other muscles in the body began to contract rhythmically. The brain sends electrical impulses to the testes which in turn start the process of ejaculation. From the time the brain initiates this process to the time the semen is actually emitted from the penis is known as male orgasm.

Without a doubt, any male who has experienced an orgasm will tell you that it is one of the most pleasurable experiences. Therefore it is natural for men to try and extend the feeling of pleasure for a longer period of time. One way of doing this is to increase the volume of sperm which is emitted during ejaculation; which in turn will extend the period for which the male orgasm lasts. The most recognized product on the market for increasing sperm volume is Semenax on www.reviewssemenax.com. It has helped thousand of men increase their semen volume by as much as 300-400%. By tripling or quadrupling the semen volume, men are able to triple or quadruple their orgasm pleasure.

Orgasm Benefits

My simple explanation of the male orgasm goes something like this.If you think of your relationship as a cake, then, the orgasm is the sweet chocolate covered icing on the top. Keeping that in mind, you can think of sex as the bond or glue that holds the relationship together. And of course the goal of any hot sex session, for both men and women, is to achieve orgasm.

Once the orgasm is achieved men and women are left feeling sexually satisfied. If you manage to get multiple orgasms (yes, its possible) you will feel extremely satisfied. Besides the feeling of full satisfaction derived from the male orgasm there are several other benefits. For instance, recent studies prove that the importance of orgasm is equivalent to any other function of the body.

According to finding of Doctor Alfred Kinsey, extremely well known and famous for his studies of sex lives of men and women, it seems that men and women who engage in frequent sexual activity and achieving orgasm have considerable reduction in stress. The studies go on to prove that couples having frequent sex are much less violent and hostile that those seldom engaging in sexual activity. (see. female orgasm)

Moreover, later studies showed that frequent sex and orgasms translate into lower death rates for both men and women (Duke University, 1970s and Caerphilly, 1997) lower risk of heart attacks for women (Psychosomatic Medicine, 1976). American Doctor Ted McIlvenna found that sexually active people draw far more joy from their lives than others and also take fewer sick leaves. Gynecologist Dudley Chapman contended that orgasms help the body to fight infections, a proposition supported by psychologists from the Wilkes University.

More recent study, which took place in Melbourne Australia, found inverse relationship between ejaculation and prostate cancer. This study, which consisted of participants between the ages of 20-50 years, showed that those who ejaculated more frequently are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. This study ties in with other research suggesting that regular orgasm in males prevents painful urination in old age. According to these studies, frequent male ejaculation is crucial for avoiding many prostate-related problems.

In a nutshell, those are some of the benefits of the male orgasm. Clearly all of the benefits presented show that humans are healthier and happier if they engage in sexual activity often. The body and the mind suffer without the frequent combination of exertion and release brought by sex and orgasms. This is why I’d like to tell you about a pill that makes orgasm all the more powerful. With so many positive sides to it and with practically no disadvantage, there is no reason why you shouldn’t draw even more pleasure out of your orgasm

 – Is an all-natural product specifically designed to boost sperm production and raise testosterone levels to increase you sexual appetite. More sperm translates to longer and more powerful orgasm It also means better moods for your lady, as demonstrated by a study conducted by Gordon Gallup. According to this study, semen reduces depression in women via mood-altering hormones that are absorbed through the vagina.

Well that just about concludes my discussion of male orgasm benefits. Just remember frequent sex is not only pleasurable for you and your partner, it’s also good for you. And semen pills can add the extra needed kick for more pleasure and satisfaction.