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Celebrating Hertiage

Celebrating the Western Lifestyle from Heritage Matters to Rodeos and More!


We know Fashion! We will be bring the latest, greatest trends, designs, information and news!

Welcome to CB Promotions with the cb cowgirls

Our Goal is Empowering Cowboys and Cowgirls who love God and Country. While inspiring those who do not. In hopes of keeping the Heart of the American Cowboy Alive!

heritage heritage
Keeping Western Heritage Alive!

Western heritage

We believe the Heart & Spirit of the American Cowboy is at its core the essence of nobility, humility, faith, & a respect for animals, land, & people. We need to find that again by “Going Country, Back to Our Roots”

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Bringing The World To You

Rodeo NEWS & EvenTS

From Rodeos, Fairs, Bullridings, Youth Rodeo and More, we will bring you the latest, the hottest, the trending news in the world of Rodeo. From Live Broadcasts to Media Posts, we have Rodeo Covered

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Fashion Tips, Tricks & More!

The Fashion World

Fashion trends, forecasts, tips, tricks and more will be brought to you on a regular basis. We keep a strong finger on the pulse of Fashion and will always strive to bring the most relevant news to you

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Bringing Western Heritage, Values, Traditions, News & More To The World!


Today’s generation is one that is fast paced, technologically advanced, & saturated with ways of living our life in a microwavable & “fast food” style. This generation wants everything now & wants it served at the snap of the fingers.

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You have to stay true to your heritage, that's what your brand is about

CB Cowgirls

Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter how you look at it...Being ETHICAL what a concept!

Bobbi Jeen Olson

You don't just stumble on your heritage, its' just there waiting to be explored and shared

CB Cowgirls

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