Maximum sexual performance

“Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Non performance can always be explained away.”
Harold S. Geneen

There is no denying a great sexual performance. It stands out “like a ton of diamonds”, and a top sexual performance is undeniable. You will impress your partner and make a lasting impression that they’ll remember for a long, long time!

Penis enhancement pills can get the equipment working like a well oiled machine, but you need to sustain that performance, and here’s how to do it.

Get your head in the game

Psychological factors can also cause up to 20% of cases of erection issues. Even though there’s usually an underlying physical problem to start with, it gets made worse by anxiety, lost confidence, stress, and depression. These are the psychological factors you need to beat to maximise your sexual performance!

Stress related to work or income, or as the result of marriage issues can have a major effect on your short term sexual performance. Over the long term, stress can result in damage to the circulatory system, again key to maximum sexual performance.

Anxiety about not being able to perform tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a poor performance can lead to others until you ‘get your head back in the game’. Penis enhancement pills can help by giving you that extra little confidence to deliver a great performance once again.

Depression is a very common cause of erection issues, and can have both physical and psychological effects. Even moderate depression can physically damage a man’s sexual performance, even when he is totally aroused by and comfortable with his partner and the situation.

If you suspect stress or other psychological factors may be hindering your performance, you can use herbs (natural medicine), or see your physician to work out a program to deal with it. Either way, get these factors under control to help you perform like a champion again.

Loose the juice

Although a very common way for men and women to ‘loosen up’ on a date or after work, too much alcohol can take away from a later sexual performance – as most of us know! By drinking conservatively you will improve you ability to perform later that evening, giving yourself a better edge.

If you go too far, at some point most of us have the sense to do some damage control (i.e. drink lots of water). In addition, there are herbal mixtures with proven effectiveness in reducing the short-term damaging effects of alcohol. Natural male enhancement are one such product, and are worth looking into if you wish to ‘minimize the mess’ on a night out.

The unfortunate truth is that over the long-term, heavy drinking can (and often does) lead to permanent loss in sexual function – i.e. erection problems. The penis depends on good circulation to work well. Long-term alcohol use can damage arteries and veins, so it’s not surprising that a lot of drinking can eventually lead to impotence.

Long term heavy alcohol use may cause sexual problems. Clinical studies have shown it can mess up the impulses between the brain (pituitary gland) and the sexual organs, making it difficult for the brain to signal the blood vessels in the penis to relax and produce an erection. Alcoholism can also reduce testosterone levels, lowering both sexual drive and function.

Now, a great number of people drink socially without ever experiencing difficulties. However, if you are experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction it may be wise to keep it down a bit in the name of maintaining your performance. Loosen up on the juice, and pump up your performance!

What’s up doc?

It goes pretty much without saying that recreational drug use can and does lead to lower sexual performance, but SOME PRESCRIPTION DRUGS can also affect sexual performance if not managed carefully.

The prescription drugs to watch for are primarily those for high blood pressure, depression, spinal cord injury, and diabetes. Consult with your doctor if you are taking any of these medications that could affect your sexual performance, and have them adjust the dosages.

Another advantage of the ingredients in herbal enlargement pills is that they usually don’t conflict with prescription drugs, making them a safe option for men on other meds. Check with your physician first, but herbal sexual improvement products are very safe to use and in fact improve your overall health!

Healthy lifestyle – just eat and sleep a little better!

Surprise, surprise, but there’s a great deal to be said for simply eating and sleeping a little better than you do now. We’re not suggesting a ‘total life turnaround’, as most of us aren’t willing to do this unless there are other dire health issues such as heart disease. But even a LITTLE change can help a LOT!

You can have a major impact on your sexual performance just by getting an extra hour of sleep per night, eating a little less fast food, and getting some fruits and veggies into your diet here and there. You probably hear this 3 times a day – but there is a reason for this vital message.

All this sounds pretty straight forward, but have you ever considered doing it? The results might please you…

By shedding a few pounds and reducing your cholesterol levels you increase the health of your entire circulatory system (directly improving blood flow to the penis), not to mention stabilizing blood sugar levels – even non-diabetics can get erection problems due to problems with their insulin levels.

By eating smaller, healthier meals a little more regularly (4 – 5 smaller meals per day) you can dramatically reduce your chances of acquiring a diabetes-like condition during middle age – a major culprit in temporary impotence.

Another advantage of eating regularly is better energy levels overall. With greater reserves you’ll feel stronger, and be able to perform longer for those marathon sexual adventures (you do still have them, don’t you?). More energy = better performance.

In short, better health through small a couple of small lifestyle changes you can dramatically increase your sexual performance.

Whether with different partners or an established mate, having a satisfying sex life depends on two things – the right moves, and performance ability. You’ve got to have the physical ability to deliver.

Through a slightly healthier (not impossible) lifestyle and good ‘sexual nutrition’, you’ll always have strong, solid erections and plenty of energy to deliver.

Here’s to your overall sexual health!